The Plant Based Pantry

Are you struggling to make a plan for meals each week? Maybe you just wing it and hope there's enough of something to make into dinner? Having at least a few staple ingredients on hand at all times can help keep starvation at bay and your sanity in check. 

Our Plant-Based Pantry list is full of the staples we keep on hand at all times. Grab your copy below and always have the ingredients on hand to make fast, satisfying meals anytime!

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Hey There!

I'm Stephanie, a new mom, food lover, and dietitian. I started Celebration Nutrition as a way to help women ditch the diet for good, find peace with food, and celebrate each little step along the way. As a plant-based dietitian, I love to share how everyone can benefit from focusing on incorporating more whole plant foods into their every day life. These staple ingredients will ensure you can always make a variety of meals in a pinch! Happy cooking!